Dynamics and metamorphosis of an identifiable peptidergic neuron in an insect.

  title={Dynamics and metamorphosis of an identifiable peptidergic neuron in an insect.},
  author={Lynn M Riddiford and Randall S Hewes and James W. Truman},
  journal={Journal of neurobiology},
  volume={25 7},
Eclosion hormone (EH) is a 7000 Da peptide that triggers ecdysis behavior in insects. In the moth, Manduca sexta, EH is found in two pairs of ventromedial (VM) cells in the brain which send their axons down the ventral nerve cord to a neurohemal site in the proctodeal nerve in the larva and pupa. During adult development, these cells send axon collaterals to the corpora cardiaca where they form a new release site used for adult eclosion. Studies of bioassayable peptide during the 5th larval… CONTINUE READING
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