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Dynamics and Motion of a Six Degree of Freedom Robot Manipulator

  title={Dynamics and Motion of a Six Degree of Freedom Robot Manipulator},
  author={Carlos Mondrag{\'o}n},
In this thesis, a strategy to accomplish pick-and-place operations using a six degree-offreedom (DOF) robotic arm attached to a wheeled mobile robot is presented. This research work is part of a bigger project in developing a robotic-assisted nursing to be used in medical settings. The significance of this project relies on the increasing demand for elderly and disabled skilled care assistance which nowadays has become insufficient. Strong efforts have been made to incorporate technology to… 


Improving a robot’s posture enables it to perform with greater accuracy and repeatability. A stiffer posture also protects the robot from unnecessary vibrations and deflections that may be induced by



Trajectory Planning for a Wheeled Mobile Robot and its Robotic Arm

A temporal planning algorithm that is implemented on a wheeled mobile robot is presented. This algorithm has two parts: the first part is developed to control the motion of the mobile robot, and the

Iterative inverse kinematics with manipulator configuration control

It is shown that the offset modification method is applicable to real-time manipulator control, can be used to guarantee convergence to a desired endpoint position and orientation (if it exists), and allows one to directly choose which inverse kinematics solution the algorithm will converge to.

A closed-loop inverse kinematic scheme for on-line joint-based robot control

New second order tracking schemes are proposed which allow the on-line generation of joint position + velocity + acceleration (PVA) reference trajectories for any computed torque-like controller in sensor-based robot applications.

Introduction to Robotics: Analysis, Systems, Applications

This chapter begins with an Introduction and concludes with a Summary, References and Problems, focusing on the Denavit-Hartenberg Representation of Forward Kinematic Equations of Robots.

Analytical Inverse Kinematic Computation for 7-DOF Redundant Manipulators With Joint Limits and Its Application to Redundancy Resolution

How to obtain all feasible inverse kinematic solutions in the global configuration space where joint movable ranges are limited and analytical methods to avoid joint limits are developed in the position domain are focused on.

Local dexterity analysis for open kinematic chains

Real time obstacle avoidance for redundant robot

Real-time obstacle avoidance for redundant robot is always of consequence in the field of robot research. According to the mechanism of the human arm movement in obstacle avoidance, an artificial

Analytical Boundary of the Workspace for General3-DOF Mechanisms

The main result of this work is the ability to analytically define boundary surfaces of the workspace, which is applicable to kinematic chains that can be mod eled using the Denavit-Hartenberg representation for serial kinematics or its modification for closed-loop kinematically chains.

Obstacle Avoidance for Manipulators

An obstacle avoidance approach for manipulators based on an obstacle avoidance path planning mechanism and the obstacle dealt with is of the cubic type but can be transformed to the spherical type as shown in the paper, which has a simpler analytical description.