Dynamical heterogeneities in irreversible gels: analogy with spin glasses.

  title={Dynamical heterogeneities in irreversible gels: analogy with spin glasses.},
  author={Annalisa Fierro and Tiziana Abete and Antonio de Candia and Emanuela Del Gado and Antonio Coniglio},
  journal={Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal},
  volume={21 50},
We describe the sol-gel transition by introducing an order parameter, defined as the average of local variables, and its fluctuations. It can be shown that these quantities are related to percolation quantities, but in principle they can be measured without resorting to connectivity properties. In this framework it appears that the dynamical transition associated with gelation is a real thermodynamic transition, as happens in spin glasses. The strong analogies between the sol-gel transition and… CONTINUE READING