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Dynamical delocalization for discrete magnetic random Schr\"odinger operators.

  title={Dynamical delocalization for discrete magnetic random Schr\"odinger operators.},
  author={Simon Becker and Rui Han},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
  • Simon Becker, R. Han
  • Published 13 April 2020
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • arXiv: Mathematical Physics
We study discrete magnetic random Schrodinger operators on the square and honeycomb lattice under weak disorder. We show that there is, in the case of the honeycomb lattice with magnetic flux close to any rational, both strong dynamical localization and delocalization close to the conical point. We obtain similar results for the discrete random Schrodinger operator on the $\mathbb Z^2$-lattice with weak magnetic fields, close to the bottom and top of its spectrum. As part of this analysis, we… 

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