Dynamical SUSY breaking in heterotic M-theory

  title={Dynamical SUSY breaking in heterotic M-theory},
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Towards realizing dynamical SUSY breaking in heterotic model building

We study a new mechanism to dynamically break supersymmetry in the E8 × E8 heterotic string. As discussed recently in the literature, a long-lived, meta-stable non-supersymmetric vacuum can be

Higgs multiplets in heterotic GUT models

For supersymmetric GUT models from heterotic string theory, built from a stable holomorphic SU(n) vector bundle V on a Calabi-Yau threefold X, the net amount of chiral matter can be computed by a

Non-supersymmetric meta-stable vacua from brane configurations

We construct configurations of NS-, D4-, and D6-branes in type IIA string theory, realizing the recently discussed non-supersymmetric meta-stable minimum of 4d = 1 SU(Nc) super-Yang-Mills theories

Solitons in supersymmety breaking meta-stable vacua

In recently found supersymmetry-breaking meta-stable vacua of the supersymmetric QCD, we examine possible exsitence of solitons. Homotopy groups of the moduli space of the meta-stable vacua show that

A note on (meta)stable brane configurations in MQCD

We examine the M-theory version of SQCD which is known as MQCD. In the IIA limit, this theory appears to have a supersymmetry-breaking brane configuration which corresponds to the meta-stable state

Brane configurations for nonsupersymmetric meta-stable vacua in SQCD with adjoint matter

We present the configurations of intersecting branes in type IIA string theory corresponding to the meta-stable supersymmetry breaking vacua (Amariti, Girardello and Mariotti 2006 J. High Energy

Meta-stable supersymmetry breaking in a cooling universe

We look at the recently proposed idea that susy breaking can be accomplished in a meta-stable vacuum. In the context of one of the simplest models (the Seiberg-dual of super-QCD), we address the

Metastable supersymmetry breaking and supergravity at finite temperature

We study how coupling to supergravity affects the phase structure of a system exhibiting dynamical supersymmetry breaking in a meta-stable vacuum. More precisely, we consider the Seiberg dual of SQCD



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A formalism for determining the massless spectrum of a class of realistic heterotic string vacua is presented. These vacua, which consist of SU(5) holomorphic bundles on torus-fibered Calabi-Yau

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We study the existence of long-lived meta-stable supersymmetry breaking vacua in gauge theories with massless quarks, upon the addition of extra massive flavors. A simple realization is provided by a

Dynamical SUSY breaking in meta-stable vacua

Dynamical supersymmetry breaking in a long-lived meta-stable vacuum is a phenomenologically viable possibility. This relatively unexplored avenue leads to many new models of dynamical supersymmetry

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