Dynamical SUSY and R-symmetry breaking in SQCD with massive and massless flavors

  title={Dynamical SUSY and R-symmetry breaking in SQCD with massive and massless flavors},
  author={Amit Giveon and Andrey Katz and Z. Komargodski and David Shih},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We show that supersymmetry and R-symmetry can be dynamically broken in a long-lived metastable vacuum of SQCD with massive and massless flavors. The vacuum results from a competition of a (leading) two-loop effect and small ``Planck'' suppressed higher-dimension operators. This mechanism provides a particularly simple realization of dynamical SUSY and R-symmetry breaking, and as such it is a good starting point for building phenomenologically viable models of gauge mediation. We take a… Expand
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