Dynamical Regimes of Polar Vortices on Terrestrial Planets with a Seasonal Cycle

  title={Dynamical Regimes of Polar Vortices on Terrestrial Planets with a Seasonal Cycle},
  author={Ilai Guendelman and Darryn W. Waugh and Yohai Kaspi},
  journal={The Planetary Science Journal},
Polar vortices are common planetary-scale flows that encircle the pole in the middle or high latitudes and are observed in most of the solar system’s planetary atmospheres. The polar vortices on Earth, Mars, and Titan are dynamically related to the mean meridional circulation and exhibit a significant seasonal cycle. However, the polar vortex’s characteristics vary between the three planets. To understand the mechanisms that influence the polar vortex’s dynamics and dependence on planetary… 
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