Dynamic wetting of Boger fluids.


The impact of fluid elasticity on the dynamic wetting of polymer solutions is important because many polymer solutions in technological use exhibit non-Newtonian behaviors in the high shear environment of the wedge-like flow near a moving contact line. Our former study [G.K. Seevaratnam, Y. Suo, E. Ramé, L.M. Walker, Phys. Fluids 19 (2007) Art. No. 012103… (More)


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@article{Wei2007DynamicWO, title={Dynamic wetting of Boger fluids.}, author={Y Wei and G K Seevaratnam and Stephen Garoff and Eduardo Rame and Lisa May Walker}, journal={Journal of colloid and interface science}, year={2007}, volume={313 1}, pages={274-80} }