Dynamic stabilization of the spine: a new classification system.


Fusion surgeries are still the gold standard in the treatment of the degenerative spine. Spinal fusion has some problems, however. Adjacent segment disease, donor place ailment, and the morbidity of the surgery has emerged as important problems over the years. As a consequence of such complications after fusion, the search for an alternative treatment for the degenerative spine widened. While trying to maintain the motion in the joint, dynamic stabilization aims to remove the pain by distributing the weight between anterior and posterior elements of the spine. Various new devices have now been developed for the dynamic stabilization of the spine. In this report, the dynamic stabilization devices of the spine are classified anew and, the authors explain briefly the historical evolution process, specialties, indications and contraindications of these dynamic stabilization devices.

DOI: 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.2358-09.2

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