Dynamic simulation of a coated microbubble in an unbounded flow: response to a step change in pressure

  title={Dynamic simulation of a coated microbubble in an unbounded flow: response to a step change in pressure},
  author={M. Vlachomitrou and N. Pelekasis},
  journal={Journal of Fluid Mechanics},
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A numerical method is developed to study the dynamic behaviour of an encapsulated bubble when the viscous forces of the surrounding liquid are accounted for. The continuity and Navier–Stokes equations are solved for the liquid, whereas the coating is described as a viscoelastic shell with bending resistance. The Galerkin Finite Element Methodology is employed for the spatial discretization of the flow domain surrounding the bubble, with the standard staggered grid arrangement that uses… 

Static response of coated microbubbles compressed between rigid plates: Simulations and asymptotic analysis including elastic and adhesive forces

The static response of coated microbubbles is investigated with a novel approach employed for modeling contact between a microbubble and the cantilever of an atomic force microscope. Elastic tensions

Numerical Study of a Liquid Metal Oscillating inside a Pore in the Presence of Lorentz and Capillary Forces

In order to ensure stable power exhaust and to protect the walls of fusion reactors, liquid metals that are fed to the wall surface through a capillary porous system (CPS) are considered as

Numerical study of the interaction between a pulsating coated microbubble and a rigid wall. II. Trapped pulsation

A coated microbubble approaching a solid substrate changes shape from prolate to oblate due to the balance of Bjerknes force and elasto-lubrication pressure. The bubble then undergoes trapped

Numerical study of the interaction between a pulsating coated microbubble and a rigid wall. I. Translational motion

Coated microbubbles exhibit a complex surface rheology. When accelerated towards a wall subject to an acoustic disturbance they behave like a deformable solid and assume a prolate rather than oblate

Dynamic simulations of an encapsulated microbubble translating in a tube at low capillary and Reynolds numbers

The dynamic translation of a micron-sized encapsulated bubble is investigated numerically inside a horizontal tube where liquid flows under constant pressure drop, when the effect of gravity is



Dynamics and breakup of a contracting liquid filament

Contraction of a filament of an incompressible Newtonian liquid in a passive ambient fluid is studied computationally to provide insights into the dynamics of satellite drops created during drop

Static response and stability of coated microbubbles—multiplicity of solutions and parameter estimation

The static response of a coated microbubble subject to an external pressure distribution is investigated, in order to identify different response patterns with varying viscoelastic properties of the

Dynamics of Drop Formation in an Electric Field.

  • NotzBasaran
  • Physics
    Journal of colloid and interface science
  • 1999
The effect of an electric field on the formation of a drop of an inviscid, perfectly conducting liquid from a capillary which protrudes from the top plate of a parallel-plate capacitor into a

Numerical study on the shape oscillation of an encapsulated microbubble in ultrasound field

The shape oscillation of an encapsulated microbubble in an ultrasound field is numerically investigated. To predict the nonlinear process, the continuity equation and the Navier–Stokes equation are

Parametric stability and dynamic buckling of an encapsulated microbubble subject to acoustic disturbances

Stability analysis of the radial pulsations of a gas microbubble that is encapsulated by a thin viscoelastic shell and surrounded by an ideal incompressible liquid is carried out. Small axisymmetric

Nonlinear oscillations of two-dimensional, rotating inviscid drops

Abstract We examine the nonlinear response of a drop, rotating as a rigid body at fixed angular velocity, to two-dimensional finite-amplitude disturbances. With these restrictions, the liquid

Numerical Analysis of a Single Rising Bubble Using Boundary-Fitted Coordinate System

A numerical method is developed to simulate unsteady axisymmetric flow with a free surface. The method is based on a finite-volume solution of the equations on an orthogonal curvilinear coordinate