Dynamic secretin-enhanced MR cholangiopancreatography.

  title={Dynamic secretin-enhanced MR cholangiopancreatography.},
  author={M. Fatih Akisik and Kumaresan Sandrasegaran and Alex A Aisen and Dean D. T. Maglinte and Stuart T Sherman and Glen A. Lehman},
  journal={Radiographics : a review publication of the Radiological Society of North America, Inc},
  volume={26 3},
Secretin causes temporary dilatation of pancreatic ducts, principally by increasing pancreatic exocrine secretions, and thus allows better visualization of the ducts at magnetic resonance (MR) cholangiopancreatography. Secretin-enhanced MR cholangiopancreatography is useful for detection and diagnosis of a variety of congenital, inflammatory, and neoplastic conditions of the pancreas. Although MR cholangiopancreatography without secretin is a reliable method for evaluating the pancreatobiliary… CONTINUE READING

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