Dynamic response to mountain breeze circulation in Alchichica, a crater lake in Mexico

  title={Dynamic response to mountain breeze circulation in Alchichica, a crater lake in Mexico},
  author={A. Filonov and I. Tereshchenko and J. Alcocer},
  journal={Geophysical Research Letters},
[1] In this paper we discuss the dynamic response to mountain breeze circulation in Alchichica, a deep crater lake in Mexico. A numerical model was used to simulate integrated drift currents based on wind data sampled at 1-h intervals. The results are compared with those measured by an ADCP. Measurements taken with a level recorder demonstrate that the mountain breeze is coordinated with diurnal level inclinations up to 11 cm and that it simulates free seiches with a period of 2.7 and 2.1 min… Expand
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