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Dynamic relationship among foreign direct investments, human capital, economic freedom and economic growth: Evidence from panel cointegration and panel causality analysis

  title={Dynamic relationship among foreign direct investments, human capital, economic freedom and economic growth: Evidence from panel cointegration and panel causality analysis},
  author={Oktay Kızılkaya and Ahmet Ay and Gokhan Akar},
  journal={Theoretical and Applied Economics},
This study investigates the dynamic relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI), human capital, economic freedom and economic growth for the period of 2000-2013 covering 39 countries. In this context, we utilized panel cointegration, panel fully modified ordinary least squares (FMOLS), panel dynamic panel ordinary least squares (FMOLS), and panel vector error correction model (VECM) based Granger causality analysis methods. In this study: i) variables are cointegrated in the long term… 

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