Dynamic pulmonary SPECT of xenon-133 gas washout.

  title={Dynamic pulmonary SPECT of xenon-133 gas washout.},
  author={K Suga and Kazuya Nishigauchi and Norihiko Kume and Sinji Koike and Katsuyuki Takano and Osamu Tokuda and Tsuneo Matsumoto and Naofumi Matsunaga},
  journal={Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine},
  volume={37 5},
UNLABELLED A triple-detector SPECT data acquisition mode of "continuous repetitive rotation acquisition" was applied to dynamic pulmonary SPECT with 133Xe gas. METHODS Subjects included 7 healthy volunteers, 22 patients with a space-occupying mass lesion, 22 with obstructive lung disease and 10 with restrictive lung disease. Following rebreathing of 133Xe, equilibrium and washout SPECT images during spontaneous breathing were acquired every 30 sec for 5-7 min. Regional 133Xe washout was… CONTINUE READING
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