Dynamic performance analysis of truss robot based on RecurDyn and experimental research


Dynamic performance is one of the most important criteria of the truss robots. In this paper, the purpose is to verify the certain accuracy and feasibility of the rigid-flexible coupled model based on RecurDyn (Recursive Dynamic) and research the dynamic performance of the truss robot by the simulation and experimental methods. Firstly, two critical components of the truss robot are transformed respectively into different kinds of flexible bodies, and the rigid-flexible coupled model of the robot is established based on RecurDyn. And then, the dynamic characteristics detection of the truss robot is set up in working process with the automatic data acquisition system. The rigid-flexible coupled model is validated by comparing simulation and experimental results. Furthermore, the experimental signals are processed by Fast Fourier Transform to obtain amplitude frequency curves, and it is explicit to reveal the distribution of vibration acceleration amplitude in frequency domain, which is of great reference value in the structural optimization design.

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@article{Zhu2016DynamicPA, title={Dynamic performance analysis of truss robot based on RecurDyn and experimental research}, author={Huabing Zhu and Biao Wang and Wei Chen}, journal={2016 Asia-Pacific Conference on Intelligent Robot Systems (ACIRS)}, year={2016}, pages={31-35} }