Dynamic parameter identification and analysis of a PHANToM haptic device

  title={Dynamic parameter identification and analysis of a PHANToM haptic device},
  author={A. M. Tahmasebi and Babak Taati and F. Mobasser and Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad},
  journal={Proceedings of 2005 IEEE Conference on Control Applications, 2005. CCA 2005.},
In this paper, the dynamics of a SensAble Technologies PHANToM Premium 1.5 haptic device is experimentally identified and analyzed. Towards this purpose, the dynamic model derived in the work of M. C. Cavusoglu and D. Feygin (2001) is augmented with a friction model and is linearly parameterized. The identified model predicts joint torques with over 95% accuracy and produces an inertia matrix that is confirmed to be positive-definite within the device workspace. In addition, user hand force… CONTINUE READING
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