Dynamic mutation-selection balance as an evolutionary attractor.

  title={Dynamic mutation-selection balance as an evolutionary attractor.},
  author={Sidhartha Goyal and Daniel J. Balick and Elizabeth R Jerison and Richard A. Neher and Boris I. Shraiman and Michael M Desai},
  volume={191 4},
The vast majority of mutations are deleterious and are eliminated by purifying selection. Yet in finite asexual populations, purifying selection cannot completely prevent the accumulation of deleterious mutations due to Muller's ratchet: once lost by stochastic drift, the most-fit class of genotypes is lost forever. If deleterious mutations are weakly selected, Muller's ratchet can lead to a rapid degradation of population fitness. Evidently, the long-term stability of an asexual population… CONTINUE READING


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