Dynamic measurements of cerebral pentose phosphate pathway activity in vivo using [1,6-13C2,6,6-2H2]glucose and microdialysis.

  title={Dynamic measurements of cerebral pentose phosphate pathway activity in vivo using [1,6-13C2,6,6-2H2]glucose and microdialysis.},
  author={Oded Ben-Yoseph and Dana M Camp and Terry E. Robinson and Brian D. Ross},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={64 3},
Cerebral pentose phosphate pathway (PPP) activity has been linked to NADPH-dependent anabolic pathways, turnover of neurotransmitters, and protection from oxidative stress. Research on this potentially important pathway has been hampered, however, because measurement of regional cerebral PPP activity in vivo has not been possible. Our efforts to address this need focused on the use of a novel isotopically substituted glucose molecule, [1,6-13C2,6,6-2H2]glucose, in conjunction with microdialysis… CONTINUE READING
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