Dynamic infrared imaging for the detection of malignancy.

  title={Dynamic infrared imaging for the detection of malignancy.},
  author={Terry M. Button and Hai-fang Li and Paul J. Fisher and Ruth Rosenblatt and Khaldoon Dulaimy and Song Li and B J O'hea and Mathew Salvitti and Veronica Geronimo and Christine Geronimo and Sachin Jambawalikar and Paola Carvelli and Richard L. Weiss},
  journal={Physics in medicine and biology},
  volume={49 14},
The potential for malignancy detection using dynamic infrared imaging (DIRI) has been investigated in an animal model of human malignancy. Malignancy was apparent in images formed at the vasomotor and cardiogenic frequencies of tumour bearing mice. The observation of malignancy was removed by the administration of an agent that blocks vasodilation caused by nitric oxide (NO). Image patterns similar to those that characterize malignancy could be mimicked in normal mice using an NO producing… CONTINUE READING