Dynamic increment for shear force due to heavy vehicles crossing a highway bridge

  title={Dynamic increment for shear force due to heavy vehicles crossing a highway bridge},
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Dynamic Impact Factors for Shear and Bending Moment of Simply Supported and Continuous Concrete Girder Bridges

AbstractThe girder bridge is one of the most popular bridge types throughout the world. Although much effort has been made to study the impact factor (IF) of simply supported bridges due to vehicle

Vehicle Impact on the Deck Slab of Concrete Box-Girder Bridges due to Damaged Expansion Joints

AbstractExpansion joints will experience increasing deterioration and damage under repeating vehicle loading. A severely damaged expansion joint will induce significant dynamic vehicle load effects

A computational framework for finite element modeling of traveling loads on bridges in dynamic regime

The rigorous modeling of traveling loads on bridges in a dynamic regime is not an easy task as the traveling load contributes to the dynamic of the structural system with its mass and damping. In

Dynamic amplification factor of multi-span simply supported beam bridge under traffic flow

Simply supported bridges occupy the majority of bridges. Compared with the flexible large span bridges, Dynamic Amplification Factor (DAF) of them is relatively large and attracts lots of studies.

Connections by Adhesion, Interlocking and Friction for Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges under Static and Cyclic Loading

Steel-concrete composite bridges with twin-I steel girders and prefabricated slabs constitute an economical and competitive solution for small and medium bridge spans. In recent years they have

Dynamic axle force and road profile identification using a moving vehicle

A novel algorithm to identify these dynamic interaction forces which involves direct instrumentation of a vehicle with accelerometers is presented and the ability of this approach to predict the pavement roughness is presented.

Field Performance of Corrugated Steel Plate Road Culvert under Normal Live-Load Conditions

AbstractThe paper presents the results and conclusions from field tests under service loads conducted on a corrugated steel plate (CSP) road culvert. Strains and displacements were measured in



Maximum dynamic stress on bridges traversed by moving loads

Most current research on dynamic effects due to traffic load on simply supported bridges is focused on the mid-span section of the bridge because this location corresponds to the worst static bending

The Impact of a Bump on the Response of a Bridge to Traffic

This paper uses planar vehicle-bridge interaction models to assess the increase in shear effects at the supports that a bump prior to the bridge may cause, and results for a range of bumps, bridge lengths, traffic configurations and road conditions are discussed.

Consideration of dynamic traffic action effects on existing bridges at ultimate limit state

Dynamic energy due to ultimate limit state relevant traffic scenarios may completely be dissipated by plastic deformations without failure of the bridge element. If the structure shows significant


This paper brings together and examines a lot of parameters that, usually, are not taken into account either during the design of a bridge or because some assumptions are supposed by the designer to

Dynamic Loading of Curved Steel Box Girder Bridges due to Moving Vehicles

This paper presents a simplified method for determining the dynamic loading of curved steel box girder bridges due to vehicles moving across rough bridge decks. The curved single box girder bridges