Dynamic frequency allocation in ad hoc networks


This paper presents a new frequency allocation scheme for ad hoc networks. Unlike other proposals, the scheme allocates frequencies to groups of nodes, for their intra-group communication needs, in order to guarantee a high level of availability of the needed frequency resources. This scheme uses a distributed decision process with interference measurements… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/CIP.2010.5604205


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@article{Iacobelli2010DynamicFA, title={Dynamic frequency allocation in ad hoc networks}, author={Lorenzo Iacobelli and François Scoubart and Didier Pirez and Pascale Fouillot and Rapha{\"e}l Massin and Christophe Lefebvre and Christophe Le Martret and Vania Conan}, journal={2010 2nd International Workshop on Cognitive Information Processing}, year={2010}, pages={145-150} }