Dynamic file striping and data layout transformation on parallel system with fluctuating I/O workload

  title={Dynamic file striping and data layout transformation on parallel system with fluctuating I/O workload},
  author={S. Son and S. Sehrish and W. Liao and R. Oldfield and A. Choudhary},
  journal={2013 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing (CLUSTER)},
As the number of compute cores on modern parallel machines increases to more than hundreds of thousands, scalable and consistent I/O performance is becoming hard to obtain due to fluctuating file system performance. This fluctuation is often caused by rebuilding RAID disk from hardware failures or concurrent jobs competing for I/O. We present a mechanism that stripes across a dynamically-selected subset of I/O servers with the lightest workload to achieve the best I/O bandwidth available from… Expand
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