Dynamic figure eight loop structure of meso-tetraaryl[32]octaphyrins(

  title={Dynamic figure eight loop structure of meso-tetraaryl[32]octaphyrins(},
  author={Megumi Mori and Toshifumi Okawa and Noriko Iizuna and Kana Nakayama and Juha Mikael Lintuluoto and Jun-ichiro Setsune},
  journal={The Journal of organic chemistry},
  volume={74 9},
3,3'-Diethyl substituents of the 2,2'-bipyrrole components in meso-tetraaryl[32]octaphyrins( affect the cavity shape through CH/pi interactions and remarkably accelerate syn-anti conformational change of the 2,2'-bipyrrole components leading to helicity change in the figure eight loop of [32]octaphyrins.