Dynamic elastic hysteretic solids and dislocations.


Recently we showed that the quasistatic response of nonlinear mesoscopic elastic solids to stress can be explained by invoking the formation of dislocation-based incipient kink bands. In this Letter, using resonant ultrasound spectroscopy, we confirm that the dynamical behavior of these nonlinear elastic systems is due to the interaction of dislocations with the ultrasound waves, thus resolving a long-standing mystery.

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@article{Barsoum2005DynamicEH, title={Dynamic elastic hysteretic solids and dislocations.}, author={Michel W. Barsoum and Marko Radovic and Tengkun Zhen and Peter Finkel and Surya R . Kalidindi}, journal={Physical review letters}, year={2005}, volume={94 8}, pages={085501} }