Dynamic and rate-dependent yielding in model cohesive suspensions

  title={Dynamic and rate-dependent yielding in model cohesive suspensions},
  author={Richard Buscall and Peter Joseph Scales and Anthony D Stickland and Hui-En Teo and Tiara E. Kusuma and Daniel R. Lester},
An experimental system has been found recently, a coagulated CaCO 3 suspension, that shows very different yield behaviour depending upon how it is tested and at what rate it is strained. At Peclet number Pe > 1 it behaves as a simple Herschel Bulkley liquid, whereas at Pe < 1 highly non-monotonic flow curves are seen. In controlled stress testing it shows hysteresis and shear-banding and in the usual type of sweep used to measure flow curves in controlled stress mode routinely, it shows very… CONTINUE READING