Dynamic Web services composition based on QoS model


How to select the service components and coordinate services composition have become key problems in dynamic web services. Based on the original discrete probability distribution, we propose a QoS model to support dynamic Web services composition, develop a WS_TSC algorithm for services composition QoS. We finally carry out a simulation experiment via this algorithm. Compared with San-Yih Hwang's work, the experimental result shows that this model markedly reduces the response time and improves the rate of success and the rate of composition in dynamic Web services composition.

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@article{Dong2010DynamicWS, title={Dynamic Web services composition based on QoS model}, author={Rong-sheng Dong and Fei-ming Wang and Xiang-yu Luo}, journal={2010 International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Integrated Systems}, year={2010}, pages={823-826} }