Dynamic Triple-Mode Sorption and Outgassing in Materials

  title={Dynamic Triple-Mode Sorption and Outgassing in Materials},
  author={Hom N. Sharma and Stephen J. Harley and Yunwei Sun and Elizabeth A. Glascoe},
  booktitle={Scientific Reports},
Moisture uptake and outgassing can be detrimental to a system by altering the chemical and mechanical properties of materials within the system over time. In this work, we conducted isotherm experiments to investigate dynamic moisture sorption and desorption in markedly different materials, i.e., a polymeric material, Sylgard-184 and a ceramic aluminosilicate material, Zircar RS-1200, at different temperatures (30 °C–70 °C) by varying the water activity (0.0–0.90). Sylgard-184 showed a linear… CONTINUE READING