Dynamic Service Model Based on Context Resources in the Internet of Things


The Internet of things(IoT) is considered to be the next step in the revolution of internet, the combination of the Internet and emerging technologies such as nearfield communic- ations, real-time localization, and embedded sensors,which lets us transform everyday objects into smart objects that can understa- nd and react to their environment.With an increasing diversity of RFID devices integrated in our surroundings and an increasing mobility reader of users in the IoT environment,smart devices such as mobile reader of resources are scarce.Lots of works have already been done in this direction on how to capture context resources information.Among the remaining challenges are to create the intelligence to analyze the context resources information and deduce the meaning out of it to select services. On the other hand, the computing resources in an IoT cannot readily add the flexibility to individual users due to their fixed location.Context-aware computing is also an important area of IoT.The purpose of this paper is to propose a formal IoT context model to perform self-adaptive dynamic service.At last, we provide a general context aware service based on IoT communication. Our context model is used for service match and service composition to reduce the consumption of devices resources and cost.

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