Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption Schemes Supporting Range Queries with Forward (and Backward) Security

  title={Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption Schemes Supporting Range Queries with Forward (and Backward) Security},
  author={Cong Zuo and Shifeng Sun and Joseph K. Liu and Jun Shao and Josef Pieprzyk},
  journal={IACR Cryptol. ePrint Arch.},
Dynamic searchable symmetric encryption (DSSE) is a useful cryptographic tool in encrypted cloud storage. [] Key Method One is forward-secure and supports a large number of documents. The other can achieve both forward security and backward security, while it can only support a limited number of documents. Finally, we also give the security proofs of the proposed DSSE schemes in the random oracle model.

Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption Schemes Supporting Range Queries with Forward/Backward Privacy

This paper proposes two DSSE schemes supporting range queries, one of which is forward-private and supports a large number of documents, while the other can achieve backward privacy, while it can only support a limited number of Documents.

Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Forward and Stronger Backward Privacy

Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption enables a client to perform updates and searches on encrypted data which makes it very useful in practice, but no practical DSSE schemes without trusted hardware have been proposed so far, in terms of the strong backward privacy and constant roundtrips between the client and the server.

Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Forward and Backward Privacy

This paper proposes a document-level update scheme, DBP, which supports immediate deletion while guaranteeing forward privacy and backward privacy, and utilizes only lightweight primitives to realize backward privacy while supporting immediate deletion.

Efficient forward secure searchable encryption supporting multi-keyword query

This paper proposes an efficient forward secure searchable encryption scheme supporting multi-keyword query and proves its scheme is secure with forward privacy under the random oracle model and is more efficient than the existing schemes.

Forward and Backward-Secure Range-Searchable Symmetric Encryption

It is proposed a generic upgrade of any DSSE to support range queries, without homomorphic encryption, and a specific instantiation with a new trade-off reducing client-side storage achieves forward security, an important property that mitigates file injection attacks.

Forward Secure Conjunctive-Keyword Searchable Encryption

This paper proposes two forward secure SSE schemes with conjunctive-keyword search functionality and proposes a construction by applying secret-key inner-product encryption that achieves sub-linear efficiency and one-round communication in the search protocol.

Analysis of Forward Private Searchable Encryption and Its Application to Multi-Client Settings

This analysis demonstrates the previous forward secure SE schemes highly depend on the file-counter, and shows that they are not scalable in multi-client settings due to the performance and security issue from thefile-counter.

A Multi-client DSSE Scheme Supporting Range Queries

This work proposes an extension, based on the RSA problem, to a DSSE scheme that supports range queries allowing the scheme to also support multiple clients and describes how it can further manage clients using Attribute-Based Encryption such that clients cannot decrypt ciphertexts that fall outside of their access rights.

Privacy-preserving Dynamic Symmetric Searchable Encryption with Controllable Leakage

This work defines the leakage in searchable encrypted databases and analyse how the leakage is leveraged in existing leakage-based attacks and proposes a Privacy-preserving Multi-cloud based dynamic symmetric SE scheme for relational Database (P-McDb), which has minimal leakage.



Forward Secure Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Efficient Updates

This paper designs and implements a forward secure DSSE scheme with optimal search and update complexity, and proposes a new, simple, theoretical data structure, called dual dictionary, which allows to delete data explicitly and in real time, which greatly improves efficiency compared to previous works.

Forward and Backward Private Searchable Encryption from Constrained Cryptographic Primitives

This paper study for the first time the notion of backward privacy for searchable encryption, and presents several schemes achieving both forward and backward privacy, with various efficiency trade-offs.

Dynamic searchable symmetric encryption

This work proposes the first SSE scheme to satisfy all the properties of searchable symmetric encryption and extends the inverted index approach in several non-trivial ways and introduces new techniques for the design of SSE.

Searchable symmetric encryption: improved definitions and efficient constructions

This paper formally defines SSE in the multi-user setting, and presents an efficient construction that achieves better performance than simply using access control mechanisms.

Trusted Boolean Search on Cloud Using Searchable Symmetric Encryption

This paper proposes a generalization and optimization of the Cash et al.

∑oφoς: Forward Secure Searchable Encryption

This work proposes Sophos as a forward private SSE scheme with performance similar to existing less secure schemes, and that is conceptually simpler (and also more efficient) than previous forward private constructions.

Leakage-Abuse Attacks Against Searchable Encryption

This work empirically investigates the security of searchable encryption by providing query recovery and plaintext recovery attacks that exploit these leakage profiles, and presents attack models based on an adversarial server's prior knowledge.

Rich Queries on Encrypted Data: Beyond Exact Matches

The SSE protocol is extended, adding support for range, substring, wildcard, and phrase queries, in addition to the Boolean queries supported in the original protocol, to extend the performance results of [Cash et al., NDSS’14] to these rich and comprehensive query types.

Practical Private Range Search Revisited

This paper constructs a wide set of novel schemes with realistic security/performance trade-offs, adopting the notion of Searchable Symmetric Encryption primarily proposed for keyword search, and reduces range search to multi-keyword search using range covering techniques with tree-like indexes.

Highly-Scalable Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Support for Boolean Queries

This work presents the design and analysis of the first searchable symmetric encryption (SSE) protocol that supports conjunctive search and general Boolean queries on outsourced symmetrically-