Dynamic Rule Set Mapping Strategy for the Design of Effective Semantic Cache


An important issue arising from large scale data integration is how to efficiently reduce the overall time of the execution of the complex query given by the user. The new concept deployed here is the quality performance obtained in the query evaluation system using the Semantic cache in effective way, which is not in the case of PL/SQL or any other database found or used so far till date. PL/SQL performs entire query matching but here we are abstracting the semantic data from the query while it is added to the cache and this semantic data is used for further matching. This Dynamic semantic segment cache is adaptive, by which we mean, as and when the user enters the query for which the answer is to be found, the relevant attributes of the database gets populated in the cache. The semantic part of the cache is the highlight and the refined contents add flavor and quality to boost the overall performance in jubilant way and convincing too. The experimental results prove that the semantic cache gives enhanced performance and efficiency in the information retrieval.

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