Dynamic Programming for Minimum Steiner Trees

  title={Dynamic Programming for Minimum Steiner Trees},
  author={B. Fuchs and W. Kern and D. M{\"o}lle and S. Richter and P. Rossmanith and X. Wang},
  journal={Theory of Computing Systems},
  • B. Fuchs, W. Kern, +3 authors X. Wang
  • Published 2007
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Theory of Computing Systems
  • We present a new dynamic programming algorithm that solves the minimum Steiner tree problem on graphs with k terminals in time O*(ck) for any c > 2. This improves the running time of the previously fastest parameterized algorithm by Dreyfus-Wagner of order O*(3k) and the so-called "full set dynamic programming" algorithm solving rectilinear instances in time O*(2.38k). 
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