Dynamic Pricing and Advertising for Web Content Providers

  title={Dynamic Pricing and Advertising for Web Content Providers},
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Online advertisement service pricing and an option contract

Joint Stochastic Dynamic Pricing and Advertising with Time-Dependent Demand

This paper examines the sale of a finite number of items in a class of stochastic dynamic pricing and advertising models with time-dependent demand elasticities. We prove structural properties of the

Modeling the online content mixed-revenue based on marketing response analysis

  • Weng BoCheng Yan
  • Business
    2013 10th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management
  • 2013
At present, mixed-revenue about the combination with subscription fee revenue and advertising revenue is the main mode of revenue for online content providers. How to balance the two aspects of

Operations of online advertising services and publisher's option

This work uses Generalised Nash Bargaining to study the feasibility of the option contract and solve for an optimal value for the option price, the publisher's revenues, and the advertiser's benefits from the advertisements.

Dynamic revenue management for online display advertising

In this paper, we propose a dynamic optimisation model to maximise a web publisher's online display advertising revenues. Our model dynamically selects which advertising requests to accept and

Optimal Allocation of Online Content Combination Pricing under Mixed Revenue Mode

In this paper, the user’s value estimation model is constructed based on time preference theory and loss aversion theory and the variable neighborhood search algorithm is used to simulate and verify the optimal pricing strategy of various charging model combinations.

Multi-period revenue management model for internet advertising

In this article, we expand the revenue management (RM) horizon to online advertising, that is internet advertising. Easy and cheap measurability of all its statistics make the internet a potential

Two-Stage Dynamic Pricing and Advertising Strategies for Online Video Services

An analytical framework is established studying the optimal dynamic pricing and advertising strategies for online providers and shows how the strategies are influenced by the videos available time and the viewers’ emotional factor.



Optimal Scheduling and Placement of Internet Banner Advertisements

This work shows by using a theoretical proof under special circumstances and an experimental demonstration that a schedule that adapts to the user click behavior consistently outperforms one that does not, and examines the sensitivity of the revenue with respect to the model parameters.

Management and Valuation of Advertisement-Supported Web Sites

A key decision by the manager of an advertisement-supported Web site is the balance between content and advertising. Content is costly but attracts viewers, whereas advertisement generates revenues

Market segmentation and information development costs in a two-tiered fee-based and sponsored-based web site

  • F. Riggins
  • Business
    Proceedings of the 35th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
  • 2002
An analytical model of a separating equilibrium for a two-tier fee-based and sponsored-based information Web site is developed and shows the conditions that determine which consumer segment the seller should seek to improve ad relevancy.

Advertising versus pay-per-view in electronic media

Scheduling web banner advertisements with multiple display frequencies

  • A. AmiriSyam Menon
  • Economics
    IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics - Part A: Systems and Humans
  • 2006
The Lagrangian decomposition-based solution approaches presented in this paper are observed to provide good schedules in a reasonable period of time and could result in a considerable increase in profits.

Scheduling advertisements on a web page to maximize revenue

Scheduling Banner Advertisements on the Web

Two solution approaches, one based on Lagrangean decomposition and the other based on column generation, are presented, along with extensive results based on 1,500 randomly generated data sets, and it is suggested that, while both approaches do very well in general, column generation consistently performs better than Lagrangeans decomposition.

Dynamic Pricing on the Internet: Importance and Implications for Consumer Behavior

This paper explores the implications of certain aspects of dynamic pricing in consumer markets from the perspective of consumer price expectations, the role of information and consumer learning, and their impact on consumer responses to prices across different product categories.

Optimal dynamic pricing of inventories with stochastic demand over finite horizons

In many industries, managers face the problem of selling a given stock of items by a deadline. We investigate the problem of dynamically pricing such inventories when demand is price sensitive and

Dynamic Pricing and the Direct-to-Customer Model in the Automotive Industry

A strategy that incorporates pricing, production scheduling, and inventory control under production capacity limits in a multi-period horizon is discussed and it is suggested that it is possible to achieve significant benefit with few price changes.