Dynamic Modelling and Analysis of Sedimentation-Consolidation Model in a Paste Thickener


The introduction of paste thickener to the mining industry has attracted considerable attentions due to its potential economic and environmental benefits. Paste thickeners inherit the ability to deliver higher product concentration than that of conventional thickeners, which implies potential improvements in water savings. In this paper, a mathematical dynamic model for process control purpose is developed and dynamical features of paste thickeners are studied. The model is discretised and linearized to facilitate analysis. Values of parameters, which in essence related to material properties, are explained and determined. Analysis shows that the system behaves differently at different discretised cells. In addition, two distinct dynamics, the fast and slow dynamics, are observed in the system which corresponds to the hindered settling and compression zones respectively. Simulation results show the the model output is in a good agreement with plant data. This shows that the values of parameters used are able to describe the material properties satisfactorily and the validated model can be used to design a control system for future studies.

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