Dynamic MR imaging of carpal tunnel syndrome


 Objective. To evaluate the diagnostic value of the MR imaging syndrome before and after performance of provocative exercises in patients with dynamic carpal tunnel syndrome. Design. Fat-suppressed proton-density and T2-weighted spin-echo images of the wrist were obtained prior to and after provocative, standardized exercises. Images were interpreted in… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s002560050270


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@article{Brahme1997DynamicMI, title={Dynamic MR imaging of carpal tunnel syndrome}, author={Sevil Kursunoglu Brahme and J{\"u}rg Hodler and Richard M. Braun and Christopher P Sebrechts and William Jackson and Donald L. Resnick}, journal={Skeletal Radiology}, year={1997}, volume={26}, pages={482-487} }