Dynamic Light Scattering

  title={Dynamic Light Scattering},
  author={Robert Pecora},
An optical fiber based interferometer to measure velocity profiles in sheared complex fluids
We describe an optical fiber based interferometer to measure velocity profiles in sheared complex fluids using dynamic light scattering (DLS). After a review of the theoretical problem of DLS under
Velocity and size measurement of droplets from an ultrasonic spray coater using photon correlation spectroscopy and turbidimetry.
A combination of light scattering techniques to study and characterize droplets of an ultrasonic spray coater in flight and photon correlation spectroscopy and turbidimetry to determine the size and speed depending on parameters of the printing process as shroud gas pressure, flow rate, and atomizing power.
Biophysical Characterization of Membrane Phase Transition Profiles for the Discrimination of Outer Membrane Vesicles (OMVs) From Escherichia coli Grown at Different Temperatures
This study demonstrated that the combined approach is useful to discriminate vesicles of different origin or coming from bacteria cultured under different experimental conditions, thus showing great promises for biomedical or diagnostic applications.
Nanoscale protein domain motion and long-range allostery in signaling proteins- a view from neutron spin echo sprectroscopy.
The NSE experiments reveal the activation of protein domain motions over a long distance of over more than 100 Å in a multidomain scaffolding protein NHERF1 upon binding to another protein Ezrin and an experimental scheme of selective deuteration of a protein subunit in a complex can highlight and amplify specific domain dynamics from the abundant global translational and rotational motions in a protein.
Characterizing Nanoparticle Size by Dynamic Light Scattering Technique (DLS)
The Dynamic Light Scattering Technique was used to determine the size, shape and diffusion coefficient of nanoparticle. The intensity auto correlation functions of light scattered by particles in a
Time-resolved spectroscopy in complex liquids : an experimental perspective
Two Dimensional Fifth-Order Raman Spectroscopy.- Optical Kerr Effect Experiments on Complex Liquids.- Transient Grating Experiments in Glass-Former Liquids.- Dynamical Processes in Confined Liquid
Fluctuations and noise in time-resolved light scattering experiments: measuring temporally heterogeneous dynamics
We use Time Resolved Correlation (TRC), a recently introduced light scattering method, to study the dynamics of a variety of jammed, or glassy, soft materials. The output of a TRC experiment is