Dynamic KINE-MRI in patellofemoral instability in adolescents

  title={Dynamic KINE-MRI in patellofemoral instability in adolescents},
  author={Gideon Regalado and Hannu Lintula and Matti Eskelinen and Hannu Kokki and Heikki Kr{\"o}ger and Erkki Svedstr{\"o}m and Tero Vahlberg and Urho V{\"a}{\"a}t{\"a}inen},
  journal={Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy},
The impact of kinematic MRI (KINE-MRI) in the patellofemoral instability and anterior knee pain of the adolescents is rarely reported. Our special interest was to evaluate the patellofemoral joint biomechanics with KINE-MRI in adolescents with affected and unaffected knees in a case–control study. KINE-MRI was performed in 29 adolescents (affected knee group, n = 29 and unaffected knee group, n = 26) aged 11–16 years with unilateral patellofemoral instability. For the control group, we enrolled… CONTINUE READING
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