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Dynamic Game Object Component System for Mutable Behavior Characters

  title={Dynamic Game Object Component System for Mutable Behavior Characters},
  author={S. Jos{\'e}Ricardo and Junior and Erick Baptista Passos and W. Esteban and Clua and C. Bruno and Moreira and C. Pedro and Mour{\~a}o},
Most games today use some form of Game Object Component System to compose game entities. With this approach, components represent anything such as functionalities or just a collection of attributes, and are attached to game objects in order to properly compose it. In this paper we propose an augmented Game Object Component System with automatic activation/deactivation of components based on runtime evaluation of logical conditions. Using this approach, it is possible to compose entities with… 

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SBC -Proceedings of SBGames'08: Computing Track -Technical Posters Belo Horizonte -MG

  • SBC -Proceedings of SBGames'08: Computing Track -Technical Posters Belo Horizonte -MG

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