Dynamic Ethics

  title={Dynamic Ethics},
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Sexual Harassment by Hotel Customers: Impacts on Workers, and Reactions from Management: A Thailand Study
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Nanotechnology and Technomoral Change
If nanotechnology lives up to its revolutionary promises, do we then need a ‘new’ type of ethics to guide this technological development? After distinguishing different senses in which ethics could
Anticipating the Interaction between Technology and Morality: A Scenario Study of Experimenting with Humans in Bionanotechnology
During the last decades several tools have been developed to anticipate the future impact of new and emerging technologies. Many of these focus on ‘hard,’ quantifiable impacts, investigating how
The Mind and the Machine. On the Conceptual and Moral Implications of Brain-Machine Interaction
The focus in this paper is on the effects that these new technologies may have on the authors' ‘symbolic order’—on the ways in which popular categories and concepts may change or be reinterpreted.


The Idea of Public Reason Revisited
The Mistake of the Century and Moral Deliberation
Bioethics And Law: A Developmental Perspective
In most Western countries, health law [and] bioethics are strongly intertwined. This strong connection is the result of some specific factors that, in the early years of these disciplines,
The importance of ideals
Mesurant le role des ideaux dans les systemes et pratiques normatifs du droit, de la philosophie politique et de la philosophie morale, l'A. demontre la superiorite des theories
Reflective Equilibrium in Theory and Practice (Cambridge
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John Rawls and the Search for Stability
The original impetus for this essay was provided by reviewers of my book Theories of Justice.1 There I had at a number of points discussed the ideas of John Rawls, but had confined myself to A Theory
John Rawls, Mikhail Bakhtin, and the Praxis of Toleration
Quelle forme de liberalisme donne la meilleure chance a la tolerance dans les societes profondement pluri-culturelles telles que celles de l'Amerique du Nord? L'A. examine les reponses donnees par
Principles of Biomedical Ethics, 4th Edition
The Literary Imagination and the Public Life (Boston
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