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Dynamic Electrophysical Characterization of Porous Silicon based Humidity Sensitive Elements

  title={Dynamic Electrophysical Characterization of Porous Silicon based Humidity Sensitive Elements},
  author={S. Bravina and N. Morozovsky and R. Boukroub},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
The results of the investigation of changes of parameters of dynamic bipolar charge-voltage and bipolar and unipolar dynamic current-voltage characteristics and transient currents connected with the pulse change of humidity for the samples of por-Si are presented. The view of high voltage current-voltage curves is characteristic for poling processes in the space charge region similar to that observed in the case of typical ionic conductors. Observed phases of transformation of investigated… Expand
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The peculiarities of dynamic current-voltage and charge-voltage loops and transient currents of melanin under pulse hydration.
Melanin is a biopolymer with unique set of applicable physical and chemical properties. The impact of a moisture-saturated air pulse (~1 s) on dynamic current-voltage (I-V-), charge-voltage (Q-V-)Expand


Porous silicon layer coupled with thermoelectric cooler: a humidity sensor
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