Dynamic Control of Speed and Trajectories of Active Droplets in a Nematic Environment by Electric Field and Focused Laser Beam

  title={Dynamic Control of Speed and Trajectories of Active Droplets in a Nematic Environment by Electric Field and Focused Laser Beam},
  author={Mojtaba Rajabi and Hend Baza and Hao Wang and Oleg D. Lavrentovich},
  booktitle={Frontiers in Physics},
One objective of active matter science is to unveil principles by which chaotic microscale dynamics could be transformed into useful work. A nematic liquid crystal environment offers a number of possibilities, one of which is a directional motion of an active droplet filled with an aqueous dispersion of swimming bacteria. In this work, using the responsiveness of the nematic to the electric field and light, we demonstrate how to control the direction and speed of active droplets. The dielectric… 

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