Dynamic Changes of BRCA1 Subnuclear Location and Phosphorylation State Are Initiated by DNA Damage

  title={Dynamic Changes of BRCA1 Subnuclear Location and Phosphorylation State Are Initiated by DNA Damage},
  author={R. Scully and J. Chen and R. Ochs and K. Keegan and M. Hoekstra and J. Feunteun and D. Livingston},
  • R. Scully, J. Chen, +4 authors D. Livingston
  • Published 1997
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell
  • BRCA1 localizes to discrete nuclear foci (dots) during S phase. Hydroxyurea-mediated DNA synthesis arrest of S phase MCF7 cells led to a loss of BRCA1 from these structures. Ultraviolet light, mitomycin C, or gamma irradiation produced a similar effect but with no concurrent arrest of DNA synthesis. BARD1 and Rad51, two proteins associated with the BRCA1 dots, behaved similarly. Loss of the BRCA1 foci was accompanied by a specific, dose-dependent change(s) in the state of BRCA1 phosphorylation… CONTINUE READING
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