Dynamic Analysis of Actin Cable Function during Drosophila Dorsal Closure

  title={Dynamic Analysis of Actin Cable Function during Drosophila Dorsal Closure},
  author={Ant{\'o}nio Jacinto and William Kenneth Wood and Sarah Woolner and Charlotte Hiley and Laura Turner and Clive G. Wilson and Alfonso Martinez-Arias and Paul Martin},
  journal={Current Biology},
Throughout development, a series of epithelial movements and fusions occur that collectively shape the embryo. They are dependent on coordinated reorganizations and contractions of the actin cytoskeleton within defined populations of epithelial cells. One paradigm morphogenetic movement, dorsal closure in the Drosophila embryo, involves closure of a dorsal epithelial hole by sweeping of epithelium from the two sides of the embryo over the exposed extraembryonic amnioserosa to form a seam where… CONTINUE READING


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