Dynamic Algorithms for Maximum Matching Size

  title={Dynamic Algorithms for Maximum Matching Size},
  author={Soheil Behnezhad},
We study fully dynamic algorithms for maximum matching. This is a well-studied problem, known to admit several update-time/approximation trade-offs. For instance, it is known how to maintain a 1/2-approximate matching in (poly log n ) time or a 2 / 3-approximate matching in O ( √ n ) time, where n is the number of vertices. Improving either of these bounds has been a long-standing open problem. In this paper, we show that when the goal is to maintain just the size of the matching instead of its… 

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Faster Fully Dynamic Matchings with Small Approximation Ratios

A fully dynamic deterministic algorithm that maintains a (3/2 + e)-approximation in amortized update time O(m1/4e--2.5) and manages to be polynomially faster than all existing deterministic algorithms, while still maintaining a better-than-2 approximation.

Beating Greedy Matching in Sublinear Time

This work designs a less “adaptive” augmentation algorithm for maximum matching that might be of independent interest and can be implemented in O ( n 1+ ε ) time, where n is the number of vertices and the constant ε > 0 can be made arbitrarily small.

Fully Dynamic (1+ e)-Approximate Matchings

The main result is a data structure that maintains a (1+ϵ) approximation of maximum matching under edge insertions/deletions in worst case Õ(√mϵ-2) time per update, which improves the 3/2 approximation given by Neiman and Solomon [20] which runs in similar time.

New deterministic approximation algorithms for fully dynamic matching

This work presents two deterministic dynamic algorithms for the maximum matching problem and is the first deterministic algorithm that can maintain an o(logn)-approximate maximum matching with polylogarithmic update time.

Simple deterministic algorithms for fully dynamic maximal matching

This paper shows the first deterministic fully dynamic algorithm that outperforms the trivial one and provides a deterministic worst-case update time of O(√m), which maintains a matching which is in fact a 3/2-approximate maximum cardinality matching (MCM).

Constant-Time Approximation Algorithms via Local Improvements

This work gives the first constant-time algorithm that for the class of graphs of degree bounded by d, computes the maximum matching size to within epsIVn, for any epsivn > 0, where n is the number of nodes in the graph.

A near-optimal sublinear-time algorithm for approximating the minimum vertex cover size

An algorithm is given that outputs a (2, e)-estimate of the size of a minimum vertex cover whose query complexity and running time are O(n) · poly(1/e) and the result is nearly optimal.

Fully Dynamic Maximal Matching in O (log n) Update Time

This is the first polylog update time for maximal matching that implies an exponential improvement from the previous results and can maintain a factor two approximate maximum matching in $O(\log n )$ expected amortized time per update as a direct corollary of the maximal matching scheme.

New Trade-Offs for Fully Dynamic Matching via Hierarchical EDCS

A new approach to designing fully dynamic approximate matching algorithms that in a unified manner not only recovers all previously known trade-o ff s that were achieved via very diff erent techniques, but reveals some new ones as well.

Deterministic Fully Dynamic Data Structures for Vertex Cover and Matching

We present the first deterministic data structures for maintaining approximate minimum vertex cover and maximum matching in a fully dynamic graph in o([EQUATION]m) time per update. In particular, for