Dynamic 2D patterns for shading 3D scenes


We describe a new way to render 3D scenes in a variety of non-photorealistic styles, based on patterns whose structure and motion are defined in 2D. In doing so, we sacrifice the ability of patterns that wrap onto 3D surfaces to convey shape through their structure and motion. In return, we gain several advantages, chiefly that 2D patterns are more visually… (More)
DOI: 10.1145/1275808.1276402


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@article{Breslav2007Dynamic2P, title={Dynamic 2D patterns for shading 3D scenes}, author={Simon Breslav and Karol Szerszen and Lee Markosian and Pascal Barla and Jo{\"{e}lle Thollot}, journal={ACM Trans. Graph.}, year={2007}, volume={26}, pages={20} }