Dye-induced 'photo-degeneration' and 'photo-permeabilization' of mammalian neurons in vivo.


Dyes are known to induce neuronal 'photo-degeneration' and 'photo-permeabilization' in fly photoreceptor cells in vivo. In the present study, we attempted to generalize this photodynamic damage to vertebrate neurons, using the rat retina, a brain part which is optically accessible in vivo. After intravitreal injection of the photosensitizing dye Rose Bengal… (More)


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@article{Picaud1990DyeinducedA, title={Dye-induced 'photo-degeneration' and 'photo-permeabilization' of mammalian neurons in vivo.}, author={Sarah S Picaud and Leo Peichl and Nora Franceschini}, journal={Brain research}, year={1990}, volume={531 1-2}, pages={117-26} }