Dye biosorption sites in Aspergillus niger.

  title={Dye biosorption sites in Aspergillus niger.},
  author={Yuzhu Fu and Thiruvenkatachari Viraraghavan},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
  volume={82 2},
Aspergillus niger is capable of removing dyes from an aqueous solution. In the study, the roles played by three major functional groups: carboxyl, amino and phosphate, and the lipid fraction in the biomass of A. niger in biosorption of four dyes, Basic Blue 9, Acid Blue 29, Congo Red and Disperse Red 1, were investigated. These functional groups in A. niger were chemically modified individually to determine their contribution to the biosorption of dyes. It was found that biosorption of dyes was… CONTINUE READING

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