Dyadic support and quality-of-life after radical prostatectomy.

  title={Dyadic support and quality-of-life after radical prostatectomy.},
  author={Bryan Weber and Beverly L Roberts and Hossein A Yarandi and Terry L. Mills and Neale R. Chumbler and Chester B. Algood},
  journal={The journal of men's health & gender : the official journal of the International Society for Men's Health & Gender},
  volume={4 2},
BACKGROUND: Treatment side effects after radical prostatectomy include urinary, sexual, and bowel dysfunction. These functional declines, coupled with the bother associated with these dysfunctions, lead to a complicated pattern of change in quality-of-life and decreased self-efficacy. METHODS: In this study, 72 men who underwent radical prostatectomy 6-weeks prior were randomly assigned to usual health care control group or peer-to-peer support (dyadic support) group. The dyadic meetings were… CONTINUE READING

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