Dwelling on the hill: Impressions of residents of two favelas in Rio de Janeiro regarding religion and public space

  title={Dwelling on the hill: Impressions of residents of two favelas in Rio de Janeiro regarding religion and public space},
  author={C. Mafra},
  pages={68 - 76}
  • C. Mafra
  • Published 1 March 2008
  • Sociology
  • Religion
Abstract Drawing on fieldwork and interviews with residents in two favelas in Rio de Janeiro, this paper argues that the concept of ‘the divided city’ (fixed and nomadic, planned and negotiated, rich and poor) allows us to make sense of these residents' views of religion and public space. Life ‘on the hill’ is characterised by a greater degree of negotiation and improvisation in all its social relations than is life below in ‘the asphalt’. This offers important insights into the success of… 
Faith and crime in the construction of social coexistence in the outskirts of São Paulo
This article discusses the coexistence of two seemingly disparate phenomena in the same urban environment, Pentecostalism and organised crime and violence. Both represent expressions of social living
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