Duverger, Epstein and the Problem of the Mass Party: The Case of the Parti Québécois

  title={Duverger, Epstein and the Problem of the Mass Party: The Case of the Parti Qu{\'e}b{\'e}cois},
  author={Harold M. Angell},
  journal={Canadian Journal of Political Science},
  pages={363 - 378}
  • Harold M. Angell
  • Published 1 June 1987
  • Political Science
  • Canadian Journal of Political Science
Abstract With a theoretical framework based on Duverger and Epstein we examine the mass party and compare it to the cadre party. The Parti Québécois fits its criteria. In 1977 it imposed its fund-raising methodology on other Quebec parties by barring donations from moral persons. Only Quebec electors may now donate anything. Only the Quebec Liberal party has adapted. The hypothesis is that a loss in popularity leads to a loss of membership and a financial crisis. This may lead to a crise de… 
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