Dust mitigation in the desert: Cleaning mechanisms for solar panels in arid regions

  title={Dust mitigation in the desert: Cleaning mechanisms for solar panels in arid regions},
  author={Ali Alshehri and Brian Parrott and Ali Outa and A. M. Amer and Fadl Abdellatif and Hassane Trigui and Pablo Carrasco and Sahejad Patel and Ihsan Taie},
  journal={2014 Saudi Arabia Smart Grid Conference (SASG)},
This review includes a comparative survey of cleaning mechanisms for solar power plants, with a focus on their application in arid regions. In these regions, dust accumulation can have a severe and detrimental effect on the productivity of solar arrays. The primary concern of this study is to address the need for a commercially viable cleaning solution and present candidate technologies that show promise in enabling solar technologies in the sun-rich, arid regions of the world. In addition to… 

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